Duskii Women's Surfing Festival

The Women's Classic Surf Contest has been running since 1998. 

This is an opportunity for SA's best female surfers to compete in the only all girls surf contest held in SA.
The divisions are Open Short Board, Open Long Board, Over 28's, 16 and under, and 12 and under white water.
The Open Short Board division will represent some of the BEST surfing from women and girls in SA.  Most of these entrants compete in State and National Titles and are keen to impress the judges with their skill, committment and range of manouvres.
The Open Long Board division is the epitomy of surfing culture.  The style, skill, and flair demonstrated on boards from 9 foot plus make this a feature event and an awesome spectator event.
For the "oldies" there's the Over 28's division, providing the opportunity to get out there and have some fun, while fiercely competing for the title.  It's all about participation.
The 16 and Under will showcase our up and coming top young female surfers.  All keen to perform at their best, under the stress of contest conditions, these events will bring out the determination and committment of our young surfers facing the challenge of mind and body and the unpredicatable waves on offer. 
Girls Surf Jam!
The Girls Surf Jam aims to get as many women and girls in the water as possible. Bring your own gear or participate in a coaching session.  The sessions times are 10.00am to 12.00pm or 1.00pm to 3.00pm.  Cost is $50 if you would like to join a surf lesson which includes use of soft board and wetsuit, or $30 if you have your own gear and just want to paddle out.  All entries receive an event T-shirt and show bag.  Come and join in the Women's Surfing Festival, watch some amazing surfers and have a go in the Girls Surf Jam.
For more information contact Cheryl Buck on 0412 950087 or
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