**Covid-19 Update**

Welcome to SurferGirls Surf Club - a board riders club supporting women and girls who love to surf.

Our club's main aims are to get girls and women out there surfing, having fun and learning new skills. We are open to all ages and abilities. We run monthly surfing days, plus a range of other activities like surf trips, surf education, coaching, surf competitions and social events.

SurferGirls is for women and girls who love to surf.

SurferGirls creates opportunities for women and girls to surf together and share their passion for the waves.


"Thanks for the camp, Indi loved it and hasn't stopped talking about how much fun she had" Melissa, junior parent

"Thanks for always supporting me, it means such a lot to me" Amy, 15, Junior member, Current State Champion Under 18, Under 16. Check out some of Amy's surfing here

"I love learning to get better waves with SurferGirls, such a safe and positive environment, and making some great friends too!" Ruth, Senior member

"I took up surfing to join in with my kids, but more often found myself surfing alone. Having a group of women, like SurferGirls, to share the waves has been really amazing. The combination of good company, solid encouragement, coaching squads, available expertise and just outright fun, was totally perfect for my needs." Anna, Senior member

Come and join in the fun